Quantum Computing FROM SCIENCE
We empower business to embrace quantum computing and achieve the next level of revolution // Quantum Computing LEARN MORE
Quantum Computing END-TO-END
We start from understanding of world and business needs, next modeling and create the algorithm // Quantum Computing Algorithms LEARN MORE
Quantum Computing Artificial
New models and solutions using artificial intelligence methods with the power of quantum computing // Quantum Computing Machine Learning
// Why Quantum Computing

Thinking the next move
for the business model

Quantum computing is a growing technology that will change in the next year the landscape of business, no matter if a company is tech based or not. Quantum computing is about speed, opportunity, data and discover new frontiers. Today is the perfect day to start re-thinking the business model and integrating the benefits of quantum computing early than others.


We can help your company to identify and be ready to the new challenges


The key is redesign the business models together, joining your experience with our knowledge

// Quantum computing applied to business

A family of solutions designed
to help your business with the Quantum leap

Quantum Algorithms
We are working in new algorithms for data encryption and cyber-security, artificial intelligence and molecule simulation
Quantum Business Model
Let´s work together to create the next version of your business model, based on quantum computing as the main differential
Quantum Training and Skills
Develop new skills in your team, be ready to the quantum leap with the right people. Is more than knowledge, is about leading
Quantum Applied Research
We can develop new products, services or solutions for your company based on quantum, delegate in us the research process
Candidate Algorithms Developed

We are focusing our effort to create a new set of quantum algorithms, today we have more than seven candidate solutions for data encryption and machine learning using quantum computing

Conferences and Workshops

We love to share our advances and ideas about quantum computing, in 2019-2020 we spoke more than seventy conferences, panels and workshops around the globe. The best way to create quantum is sharing with others.

// Why choose Spin Quantum Tech

We born digital from an
artificial intelligence company

Science Background

We have in our team mathematicians, physicist, biologist and more science background people. Passion to solve the more complex challenges

Remote Team

We are ready to support your business globally, no matter the location. Our team born remote and we have a strong methodology to work remotely.

Technology Focus

We have technology on our veins, we born from an artificial intelligence company, our team have more than 20 years of experience in technology


We created a Quantum Business Model to support the transformation of the business. Control the whole process but focused on quick victories

Startup mind

The best of the entrepreneurs mind with a blend of the corporate. Both worlds joined to create the next business models based on quantum computing

Breaking impossible

We don´t believe in impossible, it will takes effort and we are ready for that. Creativity, intelligence, imagination, knowledge and curiosity is the key

// To lead the market we need courage and vision

Let's go for quantum computing

// Latest Active Projects

Problems and Ideas converted to Solutions

We start identifying global business problems that now have optimal solution today with the current processing power. After that, we start imagining a solution using quantum computing, modeling and developing it.

Meet Spin Quantum Tech

// Contact Us

We are ready to
support your company in the quantum leap

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