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What it is quantum computing?

Quantum computing in a new processing alternative based on quantum mechanics. Use the spin of electron and the superposition property to process more information in less time, could be think in quantum computing as exponential processing power.

Each time we add more Qubits, more processing power is added exponentially.

What it is a Qubit?

Qubits are the smallest data unit in quantum computing. In classic computers we have bit that are ONE or ZERO but not the both values at the same time.

A Qubit is the quantum computing data unit and could be ONE, ZERO or intermediate values according to the superposition state.

Quantum computers exist today?

Yes, there are a lot of quantum computers today around the globe, companies like IBM, Microsoft, AWS, Google, Nasa, DWave Systems, Rigetti and more have their own quantum hardware.

Quantum computers are a real technology, not only theory any more.

When is the best time to start with Quantum Computing?

Today is the right time, every day quantum computers are releasing new features and advances. 

Start today with quantum to be an early adopter and lead in the next few year the technology market.

Do I must to be Physicist to work with quantum computing?

Quantum computing is not only about technology or science background, we need to develop quantum business models and it needs people in a lot of areas to develop the quantum computing solution.

Developers, researches, managers, marketers, innovators and more are welcome to work with quantum computing.

How can I have access to a quantum computer?

There are several ways to access quantum computers, the main two alternatives is simulate it on a classical computers that isn't a real quantum computer, the second and most important is use the cloud quantum computers, like the IBM Q.