Quantum Business Models

Talking about quantum computing isn’t the first topic in the agenda of the board of directors, but should be.

Quantum computing won’t replace the actual technology, but will create a complement that empower business to create new and different solutions, also is the possibility for business to explore challenges that today consider impossible, expensive and for the very long term.

Start thinking in quantum computing as a business model is the first step to transform the actual boundaries in chances and opportunities. Identify the challenges and the limits of the classic processing power to solve it is the begin of the process to validate the path with quantum computing.

In Spin Quantum Tech we designed a Quantum Canvas, a methodology framework to help business to understand quantum computing chances and take advantage of it.

But out methodology is more than a canvas, we have a entire framework to create quantum solutions and add a new layer of business into the company, with the focus of new revenue sources from the quantum research.

The opportunity will be for the early adopters of quantum, is not only about hardware or software, when talking about quantum as business, is about vision in the near term to be ready for the next technological revolution that will happens in this decade.

Quantum Business Models

If you are looking for the next step in innovation and disruption for your business, for sure you should consider quantum computing. Contact us to understand how can transform the business model using the SQT Business Framework, is a methodology to be quantum computing early adopter company.