Quantum Chemistry - Molecule Simulation

Today we have an impressed processing power, but it isn’t enough to solve important questions in chemistry, biology, reactions and more.

Simulate the molecules, chemistry reactions and identify how as humankind we can create better materials.

What it means a better material? In Spin Quantum Tech we are convinced that a better material is taking care of environment, earth and health, without secondary effects or destruction in the discovery and developing phases.

The problem today is we cannot simulate that kind of material is short times, so we need to discover by testing and sometimes it means left a lot of things to the uncertainty of the process and validate in real life with time.

Quantum computing can simulate more complex molecules in shortest times than actual super computers, but is not only about speed, with the benefit of superposition we can simulate a lot of scenarios and the behavior in time of the new molecules. It means safety for the environment, health and earth, the definition of a better material.

In Spin Quantum Tech we are researching for a new simulation methods, not only focused on molecules, simulations that could be used to understand different situations but taking the advantage of the quantum computing and traditional one. A simulation process must be hybrid and integrated.

Quantum Chemistry - Molecule Simulation

If you are interested in quantum simulation and quantum chemistry, do not hesitate to contact us to start discovering how improve your research process with quantum computing. In Spin Quantum Tech we are ready to share the quantum advantages with your company.

Quantum Chemistry - Molecule Simulation