Quantum Artificial Intelligence

Every day as humankind we create a lot of data, is so far that today we haven’t the processing power to analyse and use all this data using artificial intelligence.

The fusion between artificial intelligence and quantum computing is the key to enable companies to use more data in less time, making better decisions, analyzing more complex system and empowering the business operation from automatize to autonomous.

The challenge is create new algorithms for artificial intelligence based on quantum computing but sharing data with traditional solutions.

We cannot create quantum machine learning or deep learning solutions based on the same approach we have today, the key is take advantage of superposition to integrate more data. 

It is not only about the input or output. In Spin Quantum Tech we are developing new models from the mathematics base, integrating science concepts and “interpolating” physics, biology and more theories to understand the world and business in a deeper way.

We are focusing in forecasting, nowcasting, computer vision, natural language processing, recommendation systems as our first focus, comparing and challenging the quantum algorithms against the AnniQ partner artificial intelligence solutions.

Quantum Artificial Intelligence

We invite you to contact us and explore the next level or artificial intelligence algorithms, the benefit of integrate more, different and complex data sources is one of the possibilities. Have more insightful outputs is the consequence, but is not only more data, is about the time and opportunity to your business to decide and act.

Quantum Artificial Intelligence