// Unlearng and learn

Quantum Training to Develop new Skills

Bases and Concepts

Understand quantum computing and how can be used on your business

Quantum Gates

Let´s play with the quantum gates to explore and discover opportunities

Algorithm Design

Learn the method to design new algorithms and solutions

Quantum Training and Skills
Machine Learning

Integrate artificial intelligence and quantum computing in one

Quantum Chemistry

Integrate chemistry and molecules with quantum computing

Quantum Innovation

Prepare your team to think in quantum and superposition

Quantum Training and Skills
// Virtual Training

An innovative
knowledge transference

Is more than a video conference, we have a methodology to transfer knowledge in virtual and remote way. 

All our sessions are a mix between theory, practice and discovery, that is because not only listen and execute is the key to learn, we need to unlearn by discovering to create new brain synapses to develop real applied knowledge.